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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opening and closing doors...

I know it has been a while since my last entry, and for good reason… or maybe not so good. Life has been full of change for me since Thanksgiving, including leaving my beloved garden. The events leading up to my leaving are still a little raw and hard to talk about ... I’m sure there are many future posts awaiting me. But in the mean time I am making due, and that includes the beginning of a new garden.

I have had opportunities to visit the “driveway” and “side” gardens, and even reap the rewards of my hard work. The broccoli has been amazing this year, and today I was able to secure my first two heads of beautiful cauliflower. The miniature pac-choi I planted from seed is making me proud also, easily a week or so away from harvest and a good stir fry.

My visit today was not without it’s moment of emotion. When I arrived there were no birds, but within minutes they came in like a rush. The woodpeckers: two downeys and a redbellied, the blue jays, the cardinals, the titmouse and my favorite song bird the Carolina wren. They even brought friends, every finch from far and near. I miss those birds. I wish I could have packed them up and moved them with me.

The new garden will be small, hardly enough room for everything I would like to grow. So for now I have to be picky. The plum lemon tomatoes were so amazing last year that I’m trying them again. And artichokes. I’m so late planting them, but I’m hoping that if I put them in the earthboxes that they will flourish. And lastly, potatoes, If you’ve never eaten a fresh potato right out of the ground then you’re missing out!