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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Once a gardener always a gardener...

After two and a half years in Atlanta and many attempts at trying to join community gardens only to be waiting on some "list", I decided to try my luck once more.
I was out on my usual walk on the beltline this past Monday when I remembered the garden I had seen several times from my car tucked back in a park near the Jimmy Carter library. Next thing I knew I was winding my way along "the path". Eventually as I came around a turn I saw it. That same pergola that had given away it's location from the road. I wasn't even sure it was a community garden until that moment. The sign read "Poncey Highland Community Garden".
I was a little hesitant as I imagined that many of the reasons I had not been accepted into gardens before was because of lack of residency within the community. But that night I went home and looked up the garden and emailed my request to join anyway.
Fast forward a few days  to Thursday while  I'm going through and deleting junk emails when I noticed a new email from the garden. It started out very generic, "you are receiving this email because you were on our waiting list....please show up at the garden on Saturday morning with your dues and the following signed forms". 

I am plot 5 at Poncey Highland Community Garden!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's in a name.....

Ok…. So I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog. What do ya think? “The Lazy Gardener”, “The Urban Gardener Without a Garden”, “The Gardener That Was”...

Yes, I’m aware. It’s been just a bit since my last entry. I left you hanging. There was no New York part 5. No word on the “new” garden. Well, here you go.

The “new” garden never was. The soil at the apartment was bad, and the pests that I had to contend with from all of the Spanish moss in our yard became more effort than I was willing to exert giving my state of mind.

Gratefully, I am on the other side of all of that now. I’ve made a brave move to one of my favorite cities, Atlanta, and am truly “urban” now. Unfortunately I am so urban that I find myself without even the potential of having a garden this year, the result of only having three weeks to find a place to live and ending up in an apartment complex.

What I do have for you though is a.) the promise that I won’t leave you hanging again, and b.) 2011: my year in pictures. I know I wasn’t that inspired to write, but you didn’t think I would put my camera down did you?

From the last of the harvest’s from the side and driveway gardens, my solo and life saving pilgrimage to New York City to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met, and a little friend that welcomed me to my new home in Atlanta, it’s all here for you!

Until next time: Happy New Year!


The Urban Gardener

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opening and closing doors...

I know it has been a while since my last entry, and for good reason… or maybe not so good. Life has been full of change for me since Thanksgiving, including leaving my beloved garden. The events leading up to my leaving are still a little raw and hard to talk about ... I’m sure there are many future posts awaiting me. But in the mean time I am making due, and that includes the beginning of a new garden.

I have had opportunities to visit the “driveway” and “side” gardens, and even reap the rewards of my hard work. The broccoli has been amazing this year, and today I was able to secure my first two heads of beautiful cauliflower. The miniature pac-choi I planted from seed is making me proud also, easily a week or so away from harvest and a good stir fry.

My visit today was not without it’s moment of emotion. When I arrived there were no birds, but within minutes they came in like a rush. The woodpeckers: two downeys and a redbellied, the blue jays, the cardinals, the titmouse and my favorite song bird the Carolina wren. They even brought friends, every finch from far and near. I miss those birds. I wish I could have packed them up and moved them with me.

The new garden will be small, hardly enough room for everything I would like to grow. So for now I have to be picky. The plum lemon tomatoes were so amazing last year that I’m trying them again. And artichokes. I’m so late planting them, but I’m hoping that if I put them in the earthboxes that they will flourish. And lastly, potatoes, If you’ve never eaten a fresh potato right out of the ground then you’re missing out!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New York in October - Part 4 - Brooklyn, Good Friends, NYC and an indian restaurant.

We ended our trip in New York City. Our first night we visited our favorite Indian restaurant, Surya, in the village. Funny we ended up sitting at the same table and had the same waiter as last time. I was delighted to see they had been growing runner beans and winter squash up the garden wall. We stayed in a charming apartment on 28th St, between 5th and Broadway. We had the most spectacular view of the Empire State Building.
On Saturday, despite my fear of bridges, heights and losing personal effects in places where they can't be retrieved, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and met up with some good friends, Katie and Matt, who recently moved to Brooklyn. We spent the entire day walking, drinking, talking and eating. It was perfect. On our way to the bridge we stumbled across the Union Street Greenmarket. Amazing!
Sunday was our day to wonder. We took a walk on The Highline, through the Meatpacking district, and all over SOHO. We stumbled upon The Laguardia Community Garden (part 5 coming soon) and then had dinner at Balthazar. We split the roasted free range chicken. It was amazing. Then after a quick stop at Dean & Delucca we took a cab back to the apartment where we watched Swamploggers and packed our bags.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New York in October - Part 3 - Harvest Season

Last year was a rough year for pumpkin and squash growers. Many farmers found their fields under water during harvest time. This year it was the apples. A late frost in the spring destroyed a great deal of apple blossoms. Still the harvest seemed impressive.