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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Once a gardener always a gardener...

After two and a half years in Atlanta and many attempts at trying to join community gardens only to be waiting on some "list", I decided to try my luck once more.
I was out on my usual walk on the beltline this past Monday when I remembered the garden I had seen several times from my car tucked back in a park near the Jimmy Carter library. Next thing I knew I was winding my way along "the path". Eventually as I came around a turn I saw it. That same pergola that had given away it's location from the road. I wasn't even sure it was a community garden until that moment. The sign read "Poncey Highland Community Garden".
I was a little hesitant as I imagined that many of the reasons I had not been accepted into gardens before was because of lack of residency within the community. But that night I went home and looked up the garden and emailed my request to join anyway.
Fast forward a few days  to Thursday while  I'm going through and deleting junk emails when I noticed a new email from the garden. It started out very generic, "you are receiving this email because you were on our waiting list....please show up at the garden on Saturday morning with your dues and the following signed forms". 

I am plot 5 at Poncey Highland Community Garden!

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