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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finish Spring Planting.

Done. Check.
24 Tomato plants- striped german, yellow pear, golden nugget, green zebra, cherokee purple, black krim and mr. Stripey amongst others. You name it I have it. Red ones, yellow ones, green ones, purple ones and orange ones. Big ones, bite sized ones, pear shaped, lemon shaped and slicers.
14 squash - lemon squash, crookneck squash, patty pan squash and sunburst squash.
9 cucumbers - green slicers, green apple, and yellow lemon.
4 potato - all new red and just about to bloom!
7 peppers - yellow bell, multi colored sweet and tequila sunrise (the fruit are shaped like carrots).
2 tomatillos - already full of flowers
1 fence load of peas
1 eggplant - only because I couldn't wait for the eight ones under the lights that will go out in June.
5 strawberry plants - so far I have fed them all to the neighbor's kid.
22 basil plants - sweet basil, italian basil, thai basil, lime basil, purple ruffles basil, and 10 more under the lights. I mean lets face it, you can never have enough basil right?
6 sage - 3 traditional, 3 pineapple (1 old/1 new)
6 thyme - 2 old/3 new
oregano out the ying yang, all 3 large (what will soon be bushes) established plants.
2 mint - one spearmint, one pineapple ( mojito season is here!)
5 tarragon - my two established bushes are now joined by 3 new ones.
2 new blueberry bushes for a total of 5
1 pot of dwarf sunflowers
and the fig, pomegranate and blackberries are all growing back in nicely.

All of this from an urban garden. I've used pots, paint pails, champagne boxes, hanging baskets, raised beds, and the middle of my circular drive.

So time to sit back relax and watch it all grow. Yeah right! Now comes the weeding and the feeding, and the trellising. There will certainly be emergency tomato rescues and numerous pest issues to resolve. And let's not forget that in 3 months it's time to do it all over again for summer crops. In about a month it will be time to start okra, melons and corn for June planting.

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