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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

I was checking my dashboard to see how many views I’ve had (WOW 60) and realized I hadn’t updated in a while.
Summer is in full swing here and I’m having to water many things - especially those in pots - twice a day. That said my cut worm problem has finally begun too diminish (thank god) and my squash plants have survived a bout of powdery mildew. The biggest problem I’m having now is blossom drop due to the intense heat. The one tomato that seems to be thriving regardless of the current environment is the lemon. Everyday I walk out and there’s another 10 or 20 blossoms that have turned to fruit.
In addition my Black Krims have begun to change color as have my sun gold cherries.
The artichokes are going crazy. The two have now turned to 5. I even decided to harvest one even though I had read that for the first year you should let them flower in order to strengthen the overall plant since it’s perennial and will continue to produce for years to come.
Probably one of the biggest pleasures I get from gardening is watching the overall landscape change as the seasons change and things grow and die. This season may be one of my favorites. I decided to give up trying to weed out the bottom portion of the driveway garden. Instead I had sprinkled a tube of wildflower seeds (courtesy of my mother in-law) amongst the weeds and wouldn’t you know it, they are really taking over. My theory was that they would be equally as invasive and eventually push out all of the weeds and so far it seems to be working.
I’ve also enjoyed watching the corn grow as it’s fluffy pollen laden tendrils have emerged. They will be a great benefit in providing some much needed afternoon shade for parts of the driveway garden.

Other notable garden events:
The okra is slow growing. I may try starting some indoors in case the ones I direct seeded don’t make it.
The tomatillos have grown into two very large bushes and have dozens of fruit.
The cow peas and scarlett runner beans are just now starting to take off. It’s supposed to rain a bit over the next few days so I’m debating wether or not to tie them up.
Lastly, it is all about cucumbers right now. I have harvest 3 so far and this morning counted another 10 that have pollinated and are getting long and fat. Anyone have any good ideas for cucumbers?

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